You see that? It’s engineering.

You see that? It’s engineering..

Take a look around, let’s be where we are right now, it is very possible that we are surrounded by objects of engineering fruits. If we are sitting in an ordinary office chair, we must know that the engineers have had an important role in their creation: in the design and manufacture of the fabric, the foam that is under that fabric and the structure that unites them, the plastic parts that form the rep Osabrazos, the mechanisms that allow the chair to climb and lower and bascule forward or backward, legs and wheels that allow easy movement.

The painting of the room where we are located can be the result of an engineering process. The plaster can come from a power plant, because an engineer one day designed a mechanism to clean the sufuro of the chimneys and transform it into plaster, and another devised the factory that transformed that plaster into panels for construction.

If we go out to the street we will see dozens of cars, even some plane flying over our heads at many miles per hour. Under the ground there are sewer networks, water pipes, pluvial drainage systems, gas pipes and telephone and television cables. All this has also emerged from the work of engineers.

But what exactly is engineering?


If we investigate a bit online, instead of just on Wikipedia (wink wink), we will find definitions such as “art or science to bring practical applications knowledge of theoretical sciences such as physics or chemistry, for example in the construction of Engines, bridges, buildings, mines, ships or chemical plants. ”

Another good way to understand what engineering is is to think of all the related disciplines that can be found in the industry or at a large university.

Therefore, we can begin to form an idea of what engineers bring to society. The civil engineers who design the bridges, for example, have studied mathematics and computer tools, best practices and regulations that have to do with the design and construction of bridges to be safe, reliable and durable.

Some engineering products can be tremendously simple, such as car tires, parts that have been designed to withstand the car load along with the spinning forces or they can be very complex, like the cars themselves or an aircraft Constituted by thousands of pieces that together work properly.


Scientist vs. engineer 2019 now


Scientists are in charge of understanding how the Universe works. They investigate and give answers to the fundamental questions about nature. For example, a scientist can discover that curved crystals divert light, and then formulate mathematical equations that describe that deviation. From this scientific discovery are obtained lenses.

Now comes the time to take another step. If we want to manufacture a million telescopes at an affordable price, or if we want to create a giant multi-ton telescope, that’s what engineers have to do.

“How well designed it is!”

It is common to hear people say this or “this team is well thought out!” and we could automatically put the look on the transmission of a car or even something much simpler as is the mechanism attached to the millimeter of a doorknob. Excellence is given when engineers achieve a high degree of elegance in their designs, an outstanding level of achievement, or some kind of refinement that makes the user hold his breath when he sees it, a perfect conjunction between aesthetics and Functionality. There may be beauty in engineering, just like in art and in nature.