Software Engineering Programs

For a long time the engineers have been realizandoimportantes activities with the aim of seeking the improvement of the sistemasexistentes, as well as the invention and/or creation of new ones. This way it seeks to improve the social and individual development of people. With the advancement of computer technology, automation has been achieved in the process of many activities. Including, Entreestas, those made by engineering professionals. Today, there is an increasing number of programs informáticosdestinados to save time and effort to engineers, in conducting activities related to their field of action. This is why a compendium of cincosoftwares used in the different branches of engineering is presented. Briefly exposing the most important aspects related to them


Of all it is known that the layout of drawings by computer facilitates the daily work of the architect/engineer/draftsman and is an essential tool in the technical offices of our country.

It is important to choose the software with which you feel more comfortable and that best suits your expectations. But the reality demands a user expert in AutoCAD because it is the program to elaborate plans par excellence. It is a 2d drawing and 3d modeling software, internationally recognized for its extensive editing capabilities that make it possible to draw drawings and recreate three-dimensional images. Therefore, it is one of the most used programs by architects, engineers, industrial designers, draughtsmen, among others.

In other words, the use of AUTO CAD of this tool assumes, for Losingenieros and other users, the automation of the drawing process of different drawings used to carry out any project; It Cualconlleva to a considerable saving of effort and time, translating in greater productivity. AutoCAD provides a series of draw tools that facilitate the design of drawings. Among these are eltrazado of straight lines and curves or arcs; Geometric figures such as circles, rectangles, polygons, ellipses and others. It also has tools to modify (modify) the Dibujoshechos or parts thereof. These tools allow to move, copy, cut, rotate, expand, decrease, among others. In the same way, the software allows to make the drawing by layers. That is, it is as if each part of the drawing is made in a hojatransparente and when you want to see the drawing are placed all the leaves, unasobre the other. At the time of making a drawing, this is of utmost importance, because it makes it easy to hide the parts of the drawing that I do not need to see in a moment and see those that are necessary, according to the Etapaque is being carried out. This feature allows you to work on unsaturated drawing for all the images that are in it, but that are interesting to see


Without a doubt we are facing one of the best tools to use in the day to day as a tool for parametric modeling and drawing. CATIA’s younger brother has earned a worldwide market share thanks to its versatility, providing 3d design tools, electrical design, simulation, among others.

The program allows the elaboration of design solutions in 3d, taking into account the relationships between parts, materials and even is able to carry out stress analysis and elaborate drawings of assembly. It is one of the most demanded programs in the profiles of job offers.

ANSYS Workbench

ANSYS Workbench is a platform where you can create numerical simulation analysis projects in different disciplines. Workbench introduces us in a more or less simple way in the world of finite element simulation in engineering and includes the stages of preparation of meshing or malleation, execution and post process. The program allows the analysis of parts subjected to physical phenomena used in mechanical engineering and design, can solve physical problems subjected to thermal stress, dynamic fluids (CFX-CFD), stationary, vibration and specific applications ( Electromagnetism, particle physics, offshore platforms…).

Electronics Workbench is a software capable of simulating digital or electronic circuits through a virtual laboratory composed of several panels where they offer instruments for the design of electronic devices.

The company that created this software has the same name and the beginning specialized in the production of ydocumentales educational films. When the government of Ontario expressed the need for educational unaherramienta for the teaching of electronics in institutes, the company created a circuit simulator that it called
Electronics Workbench. In 1999, the company merged with
Ultimate Technology, Otraempresa specializing in EDA (complex integrated circuit design) Yasumieron The name of the best known product of the first, ElectronicsWorkbench. In February 2005, the company was acquired by NationalInstruments, constituting the National Instruments Electronics WorkbenchGroup.

In the electronic circuit design in this program you can haceruso of most of the instruments of analysis and measurements to check and observe their behavior

Unlike other simulators the great advantage of Utilizareste software is its great ease of operation.

The program has a graphical user interface that makes it muyintuitivo, convenient to use and fast to work.
In general the creation of the scheme and its simulation require menostiempo that the actual assembly of the circuit.

Provides a tool with proportions that are compared to the laboratory OFA.

It allows to simulate all the components and instruments realesexistentes in a laboratory. Features

Ease of operation due to its graphic interactivity.

The creation of the scheme and simulation is much faster and sencilloque in the real.

The program is able to present the results of the simulation in measuring instruments.


Matlab is an interactive software, based on matrices, which is used for scientific calculation (arithmetic and symbolic) and engineering. Ésteofrece is a computing environment and TOTALMENTEINTEGRADO application development that serves to carry out projects where high mathematical calculations and graphical visualization of Losmismos are Encuentrenimplicados, which is why it is currently used By engineering professionals in different specialties. This program is encuentradisponible for Unix, Windows and Mac OS X platforms.
Among the basic features that this software provides, they are able to manipulate the matrices, represent yfunciones data, implement algorithms, create user interfaces and communicate with other programs made in different languages Deprogramming. This program has two working modes. The Interactive (Workspace, in English), where the user writes an operation and program executes it; Or the mode of programming (M-Files), where the user
MATLAB presents an open environment, which allows to Hayandesarrollado and continue to develop many support programs,
Called “Toolboxes”, which allow to be used together
. So, any engineer or programmer can develop their own Yfijarlo program for later use. There is currently a wide range of


“queamplían the number of functions built into the program as such. These are today for practically all the specialties of engineering, which makes this program one of the most used by engineers from different areas. Among Losmencionados programs are the image processing, signal, statistics, financial Analysis, symbolic mathematics, neural networks, fuzzy logic, system identification, dynamic systems simulation, among others.

Proteus Proteus is a software where we find a compilation of Variosprogramas, and we can use them for designs and simulations. This software developed by Labcenter Electronics and consists of the main programmes and modules VSM and Electra.


It serves to realizardiseñas or flames a design esquemáticoguardado at a certain point of the PC to convert it into a PCB (Tarjetadecircuitoimpreso) VSM:
It is the integrated tool that includes Proteus, it is a simulator complement for electronic schematics that Contienenmicroprocesador. The heart of VSM is Prospices, is a product Quecombina an analog simulation core using the standard SPICE3F5.LA simulation is performed in almost real time, the effects are puedenconsiderar almost as real time. It incorporates practical step-by-Step debugging controls and variable status visualizations.


Electra is an independent program of Proteus that Sirvepara to make auto routing of printed circuit boards, its use is Algocomplicado. This software today is widely used in both the Mundouniversitario and the working world. Besides this, there are muchosotros, similar in its structure. In short, the Proteus, helps us to make parteselectrónicas designs, to simulate, to see how it works and to do all the tests before taking it to the physical state. It facilitates the design in all aspects, to be able to use the software it is necessary to have deep knowledge about the electronic. Medianteeste program we can design the Quedeseemos circuit with very varied components, from a simple resistenciahasta some other microprocessor or micro controller, incluyendofuentes, signal generators and many Otrasprestaciones.


Taking into account the importance of the knowledge about the simulation in the engineering, one could consider the existence of diversosprogramas or software that facilitate the creation of technologies .

Within this order of ideas, the ANSYS software is highlighted, developed by the company of the same name and that was released to the market in 1970. It could be said that this interesting software supports the engineering through the simulation, with which it is achieved Predict the way in which it will work and react determined product under a real environment. It should be considered that this is achieved by having been desarrolladopara to work under the finite element theory for finite yvolúmenes structures for fluids
From the above it follows that this program Permitedetectar and improve any type of flaws in a design, correcting loserrores, giving way to a better way to perform innovacionestecnológicas. This program stands out in its way of employment, because, it is like Siescaneara an object or element (a car, plane, among others), proyectandotodas its parts. And it is here, precisely, when this program Actúacomo simulator and shows the error to go checking and correcting Cualquierfalla present ANSYS is divided into three main tools called modules. The first is the pre

Processor where it highlights the creation ofgeometry and malate that together with the last module or post-processor Estánprovistos of a graphical interface. In addition, the main module or finite element processor for the solution of mechanical problems incluyeanálisis dynamic and static structures, ydinámica heat transfer of fluids, as well as acoustics and electromagnetism. Seen in this way the above allows to express that it can serutilizado in mechanical, civil and electrical engineering, as well as in Yquímica physics. Finally it can be concluded that this program ANSYS serves to facilitate the work of engineering in many respects as it allows recrearun phenomenon before taking it to the practice

The classic of programming: C vs JAVA…

If we previously talked about the main programming languages, both globally and within the field of engineering, in this article we will face to face a C and Java, the classic Madrid-Barcelona of programming.

The first and most notable difference is the type of programming between one language and another. In C we write code in what we call “imperative programming”, one of the most used paradigms because it is programmed so that an algorithm is built, so that the machine encodes the procedure to be done with some value to transform it or to Get another one. It seems that the algorithms is not something new, as others believe…

In Java, the dominant paradigm is obviously “object-oriented Programming” (OOP). This paradigm is the most common and most widespread in the last decade, as it facilitates programming, bringing it closer to the developer; Algorithms are also programmed because the mathematical processing of Java is perfect for concurrent programming, that is to say, it can execute at the same time several procedures or algorithms thus improving the efficiency of the program. Can you imagine studying two engineering at the same time in the most optimal way?

A generalized paste in C is the lack of native support for multithreaded programming. This lack creates the need to import external libraries if we want to make a multitasking system. This language was developed for the implementation of operating systems and is different from the languages we know; Mainly because C has the syntax of a high level language, but it allows a very low level control.


Java was developed by Sun and acquired much of C and C++, although it lost control at lower level. In addition, the Java Runtime Enviroment (JRE) allows a Java program to be run on any machine without regard to the processor architecture. Something like comparing a software engineer in front of an electronic (or hardware) engineer, what you see versus what you work.

In C, the main point, for better or worse, is in memory access. This access is done through pointers that allow us to manage where and what is stored in the memory.. This method makes us have a custom memory management, which can lead to errors. Yes, the programs generated will be very optimal. One of lime by one of sand. Java, on the contrary, makes an automated administration of the memory, so that the programmer does not have to worry about how to manage it thus avoiding possible errors that with C we could commit when positioning the pointers. This method is called garbage collection. When compiling the code in Java, the JRE manages the variables and objects, when they are used and where, optimizing memory and runtimes.

Another of the characteristics of C is the compilation; The C compilation process consists of 3 phases:


The first is preprocessing, which consists of replacing all statements ‘ #include ‘ by the actual code.
Then comes the compilation: The compiler generates the object code, ie ‘ 0s ‘ and ‘ 1s ‘.
Finally, the link: When the final executable is created; The object code is linked to the system libraries. It would be equivalent to a whole course waiting. Voilà, we already have our program working.
In Java, the code can be interpreted or compiled, both have glues and benefits.

If the code is to be compiled, more time will be required for the compilation, but later the executions of that program will be faster. Thus, if the code is interpreted, the executions will be slow, but we won’t waste time compiling the code. This is useful as you develop the code because to test it there is no need to compile and try again and again. Something like the partials before the end; We tried, but we know we’re going to go to January.

As for me, personally I can not choose between each other because the profits given by one, the other does not offer me and vice versa.

And you, what programming language are you working on? What does each one contribute and why?