Who we are


Gemas-gratis.net is a Web site thought dreamed and built from the daily experience and the life of a group of professionals and friends; That very much apart from having their works and active formal lives are also passionate to a critical reading and ineters.
A Saturday picnic day we gathered our friends to chat and talk about what had happened and where there was this innate desire to write and build our dream of the Web page of engineering.
To the days this idea is concrete we meet again and we encourage you to write discuss and share issues related to your profession and lifestyle, passing it to translate into a written physical idea, our personal satisfaction is that with the construction of this s Iguio Web can provide more scope to that many people can read and join to participate in this beautiful page that accumulates many ideas and topics related to the careers of engineering that today are a fundamental pillar in the construction of great works D E Architecture ideas theories and general topics of engineering as universal Science.
The Moyoria of the articles uploaded have our individual and group Persepcion, and also a criterion of reasonability, by means of the letters we try to reach many young people who are worried about which career to study which by immersing in these types of subjects so Surprising allow them to perceive the science of engineering as an increasingly expandable knowledge loop.

In this page we esfrorzamos to count and describe topics of my engineering of the world to realize projects of known megas, but especially so that it is informed of the progress in terms of engineering.

Mr Reader on this page you can find everything related to the world of engineering in all its splendor, we talk about the best projector and analyze each product and every advance in terms of engineering.

Gemas-gratis.net very detailed engineering to give you as a user the best information and guidance to resolve your concerns and have an excellent experience in using our site.

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