Not only is there an ethical vacuum in Colombian civil engineering

The incidents associated with various contractors are not only a conflict of professional principles. The big projects suggest risks, and in the midst of everything, in this profession there are virtuous and revived.
Following the recent episodes that recorded large civil works plummeted or paralyzed in Colombia, the capacity of local engineering has been in between said when it comes to materialize large construction projects. For some members of the guild, the profession cannot become the target of widespread media persecution, nor can early judgments be made in the face of structural collapses being investigated.

For another sector of the specialists, although there may be a mess of professional ethics, there are also other factors that would lead to an unsuccessful outcome in the construction work, among these, the execution times, which subject the managers of Projects to work at a rate not advisable to guarantee a work.

In this context, the freshest antecedents for the construction companies lead to the sinister that happened on the viaduct of the Chirajara, located in the route Bogotá-Villavicencio, the experts assure that it is very soon to hold the contractors to account, As any ambitious project, not only engineering, but also scientific or medical, has a whole list of actors and particular situations that could have affected the event already known by the public.
A lot of things have to be discussed here, not just the hiring models. From the ethical standpoint there are several points to consider. You can write a contract that will set a cost for the work, then ultimately if you use poor quality materials, you will be more silver to the contractor. This model can be lent to lower the specifications with the aim of obtaining greater profits, there already exists a problem that should be corrected, “explained the professor of the area of structures of the university Eafit.

“At this time what should be observed are the execution times. The builder sometimes has the pressure to sell the project, therefore he will start telling the designer that he needs the job right away. Then the times given to the designer are not consistent with the quality of the process, “he explained.

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The capacity of local engineering has been


In Colombia there is a problem of global corruption and civil engineering is not foreign to it, according to the architect Jorge Pérez Jaramillo, who stressed that in this field, as in any other, there are great risks. “Science is not foolproof or perfect. I am not justifying the undeniable technical and ethical gaps that in some cases arise. Nothing guarantees that when executing ambitious work there will be no difficulties, in that sense society has become very intolerant of the level of uncertainty present in Mega civil works. ”

“Now, I do believe that more than 50 years ago, when the construction industry was associated with capital and business agendas, economic value became more important than any other value, and many of these projects have that difficulty. Sometimes the desire for profit exceeds the scientific and technical aspect, as well as the rigor of knowledge that must be applied for these works, “Pérez Jaramillo said.

“The same Colombian legislation leads to situations that are ethically reprehensible. Sometimes legislators sitting in Congress take decisions by hitting the principles. The legal framework for construction has mutated, legalizing inadequate practices covered by law. Those of us who have more years in the sector understand it clearly, but worry that young engineers only know this model, “replied the executive director of the Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure, Antioquia section, José Fernando Villegas.

Villegas left firm his concern for the new generations of civil engineers, who in his opinion, have grown up surrounded by legislation and a misconception of hiring. “This is the product of the work of some gentlemen with dubious reputation who have influenced the rules to be given the interpretation that suits them. We are trying to correct that legal framework, to teach young people that this is not the way to do business. ”

The drawback of the contractual model with the state, according to the explanation of the Executive Director of the Chamber, is in the biddings, since it is there where the professional principles, sacrificed to be able to win the project, are jeopardized.

“I believe that one has to appraise their fees, you cannot hire for $90 a work that is actually worth $100. That’s a lottery game, I win that lottery and then I look at how I make profits through Otrosís, extensions or negotiating extra works. This is what leads to those behaviors that are not at all healthy, “Villegas emphasized.

However, according to Professor Botero de Eafit, what has happened recently is no reason to issue dequalifier judgments against all engineers. He recalled that in the national territory there are many great works done by Colombians. “We can’t turn all this into a witch hunt, there are bad people here, but there are also very good people”

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