How can an engineer change the world?

Engineering is a fundamental part of the development of our society, since the great ideas that the engineers provide are those that have allowed us to evolve throughout history. Since ancient times, there have been engineers who have stood out for their desire to meet the needs of those around them and help humanity.

In the vast majority of cases, these professionals have used their vision and skills to create and innovate things that make life easier, as well as helping us to design processes and artifacts that have meant a radical change in the way we think and interact with the World. We can say that engineering in general has the specific objective of helping to design a better world.

To give tribute to this branch of knowledge and to consider studying engineering, the purpose of today’s article is to talk about some of the ways that engineers can change the world. Start!

1. Designing new pieces of technology

The first thing to know is that engineers are responsible (in many cases) of analyzing problems in order to create solutions that solve them. Therefore, they have an obligation to create ideas and even devices that allow them to circumvent the obstacles. This process can go from designing the blueprints in order to build an electronic device, to the construction of the prototype to be tested.

Sometimes the device or machine already exists, but it has limitations that do not allow you to perform key actions, so you need to study the machine to improve its performance, or create a part that optimizes its performance.

Something like this happened with James Watt’s steam engine, which was a key factor in the development of the Industrial Revolution. In this case, Watt innovated the Newcomen steam engine by realising that the previous designs wasted a lot of energy when heating and cooling the cylinder. After much trial and error, he managed to develop the separate capacitor, which considerably improved the efficiency of the steam engine.

2. Helping to make processes more efficient

Some time ago, the workforce depended heavily on the workers, which caused the production to be often not so efficient.

They were also imperfect in the products and accidents occurred at work constantly. For this reason, engineers devised a lot of processes and machines to make work more efficient without putting the lives of others at risk.

That said, it is no surprise to anyone that engineering helps a lot to improve the work environment. It could also be said that they are responsible for establishing the man-machine relationship, the one that has made humanity take leaps and bounds into the future. So it is, that the current objectives of the companies would surely be much less ambitious if this relationship did not exist.

Engineers are the ones that allow the goals of many sectors to become higher and more interesting. In other words, they are responsible for the progress of many labor areas.

3. Lengthening our Life

Engineering has also considerably improved the scope of health. This is because when you need elements to treat various diseases, engineers often are responsible for creating a solution or devise an easier way to fight the conditions.

To improve the quality of human life (and the length of it), the engineers managed to carry out various studies and machines that allowed both to predict diseases and to treat them. Every day, they design and build hundreds of devices and gadgets that, to this day, help doctors to do their job.

Some examples of these teams that improve our health and lengthen our years of life are: the pacemaker;
Laser operations;
Suture Adhesives;
and many more.
Behind these examples is a strong relationship between scientific development and technological development. To create and use them, various practices and studies were carried out, largely by very intelligent and innovative engineers.

In short, modern medicine has a lot to thank for these professionals and therefore all of us.

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