Frequently Asked Questions

In this section of the Web page you will be able to navigate and resolve doubts about the type of activity and content of this website.

What is

It is a website with scientific and engineering content, which for no reason is associated with any higher education center or much less multilingual institution and with special attention in the estuddios of literary character, Linguiticos, educational, Fundamentals and Hypermedia.


What is the format and period of publication of the news and articles?

The publications are made weekly and online. This does not allow to assume the costs derived from it and to obtain a fast, effective and international difucion taking advantage of the digital medium


How does the Web page work?

The structure of the Web page revolves around 5 fundamental axes engineerings of the world, optimization of Proce, the Ingenenio of a Igeniero, proce and update of software Teoris great inventions, science and engineering, engineerings of the future, innovation, Industrial processes.


Can the articles be reproduced? is published on paid Web servers, and examined under the magnifying glass of a group of professional experts in engineering. Therefore, this implies that the rights of its contents cannot be reproduced and not distributed or its total or partial impression.


How can I publish on this Web page?

The reception of articles ETA open continuously for items related to Actulidad, very despite that is published weekly, you can contact us to send your article, it enters the process of review by our Group of experts and Porsterior This, we indicate via email that your article was selected and if you prefer so will be lsito for publication. Logically we grant all the credits as editor.

How can I be with you?

At any time if you want you can write and fill our contact form described in one of our pages at the beginning, if you wish you can also leave us comments about that you found this content or the other, which is your point of view, we are Open to you, we are leaders in feedback as a search engine of the world